Le Chalet de la Plage, Essaouira.

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We like good eats, that’s a fact. And we like local eats. Mediterranean diet is known worldwide so, why not enjoy some of it where we can find specialists? In Essaouira, Le Chalet de la Plage, also known as Chez Jeannot, is a perfect place for doing so.

Ever since 1965 the family of Jeannot’s, the current owner, family has taken care of this beautiful restaurant perched at the edge of the sea. The place has a big dining room which is decorated with elegance, but the most impressive thing is its terrace overlooking the sea to gaze at the Atlantic ocean under the singing of gulls.

You can enjoy a very complete menu for under 30 €. Grilled sardines, lobster, urchins, sole, oysters, chowder, squids… fresh fish and seafood are the stars, brought over that morning straight from the market just 600 meters far. Bon appétit!



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